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Love Whitewater? Want to help create great things?

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We are Fundraising to Help Whitewater Achieve its Dreams

Pioneers built this town. They invented machines that made work easier. They raised each others barns. They knew that community required investment in order to thrive. Whitewater still resonates with this pioneer spirit. Neighbors still share ladders, help neighbors with storm-felled trees, sweep Main Street in anticipation of big events, gather at the park for concerts, and buy directly from local farmers. The success of our nonprofits result from and depend upon these grassroots efforts. We take care of our most disadvantaged, help our neighbors, and give a boost to those who strive for more education or innovation.

Whitewater Community Foundation strives to strengthen our community ties by advocating for our students, supporting preservation of our green spaces, encouraging the arts, and supporting efforts that invite people to live and thrive here, no matter their age. Get involved! Below are a number of ways that the the Foundation works to make Whitewater's dreams come true. Join us!

Scholarships: The Foundation administers a number of family memorial scholarships and takes donations for its own Whitewater Community Foundation scholarships. Every dollar helps our youth further their educational dreams in college and technical schools.

Community Action Grants: Our guiding vision includes Community Action Grants, which we give out twice a year. These grants help feisty non-profits achieve community dreams. Past grants have funded outdoor speakers for holiday parades, support for creating a dementia-friendly city, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education for children, murals on playgrounds, music at public events, adult fitness equipment for our parks, environmental education in our green spaces, or help with chronic disease medications. Want to start a new fund? Let us know!

General Fund: We couldn't do all of this without our General Fund, which helps us sponsor Community Summits so that our numerous service organizations can convene and collaborate, pay our bank trustees for wise investment of funds, employ our Program Director, and keep our office running.

We are ALL Whitewater, and every citizen has a unique role to play to keep our community strong. Whatever dollar amount is in your budget will be put to good use.

Please donate! Any sum makes a big difference toward helping make Whitewater's dreams come true.